You have a Super Power?


What the hell is this intuition thing anyway?
Is it even real?

I’ve had those questions in one form or another posed to me on more than a few occasions. Are you one of those asking if this is just wuwu crap?

So just what is Intuition?

The Vividly Woman definition of Intuition is the awareness and acknowledgement of Higher Self truth.
Write this next part down. Give yourself a mental tattoo!
We all have intuition!
You don’t have to go to your “intuitive friend” to find the answer. BTW, If you are the intuitive friend, you may want to do a quick ego check if you’re having difficulty fathoming that your fellow peeps could be privy to their own higher Self truth, and not be in dire need of your hot and holy two cents all the time.

Intuition is not some Spiritual app you have to download. It’s there in all of us just waiting. You need only to claim it and then begin the practice of trusting it.

What is Intuitive Power?
Intuitive Power is the ability to decipher between your Higher Self truth vs your Ego, and then actually follow your intuition!

*Gulp* If only it were that simple… It is.

Here’s a quick (totally biased 😉 ) example:

Shall I sign up for the upcoming Vividly Woman Lifestyle and Coach training starting on Jan7th?

~While considering it your body lights up with excitement at the possibility, and at your core you feel a sense of inner peace.

~While considering the possibility you begin to see how much it could benefit your current career, relationships, and so many other areas of life! How awesome to have all these new tools! You would be plugging into a beautiful exciting community (and brand) rather than relying solely on your own creds. You would receive lots of free coaching for your own development along the way. Besides the freakin stupendous 5 months of weekly tele-training, you would also be attending a 4 day live event learning how to lead your own workshops and build a platform for yourself to gain more clients! Oh wow this is sooooooo amazing!

Okay which one is your Intuition and which one is your Ego speaking?
You guessed it!

Intuition is not concerned with the details, the because, the shoulds, and the outcomes. Intuition simply knows. No evidence required. It will say yes or no without asking for evidence.

Ego wants the details, the logistics, the perks. Ego says, “Sell me on this! Convince me!”

We get input from both. We tend to credit the ego’s 57 reasons why I should, vs Intuition’s simple solid “Yes”.

What if you’ve come up with 57 golden reason why you shouldn’t, and yet inside there is no peace? How many times have you made choices based on all that sweet rationale while ignoring your intuition as it screamed, “The inner light is green baby, let’s GO!” Only to be kicking yourself for that missed opportunity years later, or vice versa. I know I’ve done it!

Think you don’t have a super power? BAH, think again darling! We all have intuition. We can all cultivate our intuitive power! What are you waiting for sister? Start trusting your beautiful Self!


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Kara McKay is a Vividly Woman Embodied Leader, Facilitator, Embodiment therapist and Coach. She blends the sacred tools of meditation, dance, Nia, Yoga, ritual, and more to invite women back home to the wisdom of their bodies. Kara is also a mother, dancer, artist and visionary.

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