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The goal of Woman’s Way Home: Navigating Your Path to Embodied Power is to help women midwife our own awakening, break free from the chains of self judgment, release shame and personal suffering and open to our vividly vivacious true Self.

A woman in her authentic, embodied power lives into the essence of her true self and inspires the same in others. She accesses a profound wisdom from within herself and dances it sensually, emotionally and intuitively. Her personal journey is also her activism and she claims her potential to affect change in the world by how she attends to her own awakening.

Sharing her own wonderful way home, the stories of her students and clients, and the elements of the Vividly Woman signature embodiment system, Leela shows you how to:

• Live more sensually everyday

• Honor and free yourself emotionally

• Access intuitive wisdom

• Become your own wisest teacher

• Resource body truth

• Understand and encourage healthy boundaries

• Release shame and express authentically

• Dance and transform whatever issue is challenging you

You’ll inquire into some important dimensions of your life and discover vital portals and lenses that will help to guide your journey home to embodied self- love and leadership. Plus it includes an accompanying stimulator course.

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