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Leela Francis | Founder and CEO:

Leela FrancisLeela is the founder and director of Vividly Woman and VividExistence. A facilitator of groups and individuals for over 20 years, she’s an expert in the field of body consciousness and soulful personal expansion.

I am devoted to guiding women home to our self-loving soul essence. Weaving together my skills as an integrative body therapist, conscious and sacred dance/movement mentor, embodiment coach, sacred circle facilitator and psycho-spiritual eco-therapy guide, I create a safe container for my clients and groups to dive deep and emerge as more whole and genuinely fulfilled women.

I love holding the space for community that models the values and philosophies of the Sacred Feminine and sharing this dance with all individuals who dream an ever more vivid existence! Celebration, compassion and authenticity are really at the heart of my facilitation, inspiring and nourishing the dance that is my own aliveness and my joy in sharing it with others.

I’ve had the privilege of working internationally with thousands of people as a yoga, Nia, Trancedance & explorative dance facilitator, and keynote speaker. I’m honored to have the sacred calling of getting people back home into their bodies as a path to greater intimacy with self, other and most of all source and divine spirit. When I’m not traveling to be with beautiful people in gorgeous nature retreats, I’m walking, running and dancing on the beach in Mexico where I do my own deepest spiritual work or dancing through life with my amazing husband and our red bone coonhound!

Along with her trained staff and apprentices, Leela facilitates Vividly Woman workshops and retreats at beautiful nature resorts all over the continent and appears regularly as a speaker and contributing facilitator at other live & virtual events. She divides her time between Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and the rest of North America.

Kara McKay | Facilitator, Coach & Coach Trainer

Kara McKayKara is devoted to her spiritual path and practice, which is a constant source of healing, inspiration, and authentic Self discovery. 20 years of working with people hands on has given Kara expertise and a skill set of earnest listening, conscious communication, and intentional touch. A successful hair stylist and barbershop owner with a background rich in dance, Yoga, and art, Kara’s passion is to guide women from their heads back into their bodies through a variety of healing, somatic, and movement therapies. The personal journey of healing both her physical and emotional body has gifted Kara with wisdom,empathy, and patience. The “Wise Woman’s Way” of allowing all parts is the foundation of her personal and professional work.

Kara’s training include Alliance Coaching, Mastery of Language, Hoffman Institute Coach training and Leadership Program, Vividly Woman Embodied Leadership Training, certified yoga and Nia instructor. Kara’s home is in Seattle Wa, with her husband and teenage son. Her favorite pastimes include collaging, meditation, women’s circles, exploring many styles of dancing! Kara is a Vividly Woman Facilitator, Coach, Coach Trainer and Circle Guide. |


Randi Markel | Facilitator & Coach

Randi MarkelRandi’s passion and enthusiasm for women and children’s empowerment led her to become the co-founder and Managing Director of Vividly Woman’s Vivapreneur Academy. Coming with a Masters Degree in Education and seventeen years of teaching experience, Randi is focused on giving back and taking action to help others. She has founded and facilitated numerous charity events and fundraisers, the latest being Blankets of Warmth for Haiti, and hosted Vividly Woman’s Sensual Heart Tour in New Jersey.
Randi speaks her truth with compassion and finds strength in living authentically and passionately as a strong woman. Her truest life’s work has been raising her four amazing children and empowering them with these same traits.

Randi considers this part of her life a reinvention. She is proud and honored to have created an arena where women can grow their business and themselves in community. She resides in New Jersey with her incredible husband and four children.
Randi is a Vividly Woman Facilitator, coach and Circle Guide. |


Donna Bargoil Hertel | Co-Facilitator & Coach

Donna embodies the spiraling energy of a butterfly by sourcing her inner goddess through curiosity and play. As a coach, she aims to increase ease, flow, and wonder in her clients’ lives through movement, conscious awareness, and creative fun. She loves nothing more than to help women dive deep to release and radiate their inner sparkle and find their own unique, full-being, funky groove. Donna is trained as a Vividly Woman coach and is currently training as a Live Your Genius coach. She lives in Seattle, WA, with her husband and 2 Weimaraners. Her passions are hiking, snuggling with her dogs, flirting with Nature, circle time with her Sisters, growing heirloom tomatoes, and discovering moments of unexpected play, awe, and celebration in daily life.


Sharon (Sunni) Madrid | Co-Facilitator & Coach

After 33 years in nursing Sunni retired to devote her life passionately where she receives her inner joy working with busy professional women in the pursuit of excellence. They are looking to pursue further but want to maintain joy and playfulness in their lives. They are driven by success and may suffer from connection to self, thus feel overwhelm and burn-out. This self-efficacy may strip joy and playfulness out of their lives.

If you are a BUSY professional in the pursuit of excellence but seeking true self and embodiment you have come to the right place! As an Embodiment coach, I am passionate about helping you to embody a new way of being that attracts fulfillment and playfulness in your life.

Utilizing my nursing skills, I am a compassionate, nurturing, intuitive, inspirational, and a passionate coach that will support your journey to dancing into “coming home” to YOU!