At the heart of the Vividly Woman training, and what sets us apart from other training programs, is our emphasis on Community. Community; safe, sacred and enduring, is essential for us in order to take the wisdom and gifts we are claiming in our training, integrate them into our lives and sustain transformation.

Have you had the experience of doing deep soul transforming work at an event or seminar? The energy is high and the connections are rich at the gathering, but when you leave, you’re challenged to weave the openings and awakenings into your life back home. Your loved ones don’t get it, your colleagues look at you strangely, sometimes you even look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself. This isn’t an unusual scenario by any means.
Vividly Woman is devoted to supporting you to sustain the expansion that we’ve initiated together in our live circle retreats and trainings through:

Circle coaching
Educational Tele-seminars and videos
Live and recorded tele-interviews with guest experts
Audio visual tools
Weekly Practices and wisdom to remind you of how amazing and Vividly Woman You are!

All designed to integrate the tribal wisdom and soulful exploration into your dailiness so that you experience and embody congruency between what you’re passionately birthing in our sacred circles and how you are living your life.

A community that honours and cherishes your true self is what you will find here. A sisterhood that holds you to your highest; body, self and soul!

$650 USD one time payment » 75 USD over 10 months »