VividlyWoman Leaders Circle

The VividlyWoman Leaders Circle is a feminine training process for those who are ready for their own “nurture-through,” versus the traditional male-oriented “break-through.” In this training, we honor our authentic selves, knowing that for change and healing to be sustained, they must be integrated at the level of the body, the self & the soul.

The process consists of authentic steps forward rather than a giant leap into self-betraying behavior. In other words, we experience Care versus Catharsis so we can achieve sustained and tangible results. After this process, VW Leaders are ready to help others reach their own “nurture-through” experiences.

Addressing the three areas of the body where we store and often suppress our power and vital life force energy, the pelvis (sexual center), chest (heart center) and head (center of self and divine expression), we create sacred space to nurture these centers to open and activate, freeing and making available previously withheld vital sources of life energy.

Dancing into a mature, radiant, expression of leadership, the Vividly Woman Leader cares for herself in the process of emerging, expanding and ultimately expressing the power, promise and prosperity of the divine feminine.

In this full five day gathering, facilitated by Leela and guest teachers, masters in their fields, an intimate group of Vividly Woman leaders meet to share, risk, play and grow more deeply into our truth. Together we herald the new paradigm of leadership, in the footsteps of the spiritual activist initiatives and of the brilliant sisters who have danced before us.

See VividlyWoman Leadership Creed and read Leela’s Leadership Article. See our schedule andpraise from past participants.

Your Tuition includes the following:

All processes & event rituals
Vividance instruction and Vividance Certification
Free repeat attendance at all other core events (does not include meals and accommodations)
Meals and Accommodations at this event


Attendance at 2 other Vividly Woman core events
Enrollment in the Make Love to Life Monthly Community


Leaders Circle Level 1
Sept 26-30 Halfmoon Bay, BC

Leaders Circle Level 2
Oct 24-28 Santa Rosa, CA

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