Are you searching for more meaning and a deeper connection to life?

Would you like to be a part of expanding the global community of women’s circles, empowering & serving your sisters around the world?

Are you ready to fully embrace your feminine power and finally become all you were meant to be?

You’re invited to join us…as a Vividly Woman Embodied Leader.

All around the world, more women are being called to lead than ever before. But sometimes, the pressures of leadership mean giving something up along the way. Maybe it’s your femininity. Maybe it’s your integrity. Maybe it’s your soul.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Deep inside you is a sea of unlimited feminine power. Lead from that place, and you serve your soul, your sisters and even the world.

That’s what being a Vividly Woman Embodied Leader is all about.

Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Training is a personal and professional training system designed to expand and enhance your power, purpose and passion as you effortlessly become the vibrant leader that you are meant to be.

Our focus is on developing your leadership presence by empowering you in what we’ve defined as the Three Vital Fountains of Feminine Power:

• The Sensual Fountain
• The Emotional Fountain
• The Fountain of Intuitive/Expressive Wisdom

By learning to access all three of these wellsprings of wisdom that exist deep inside you, you’ll find yourself moving in harmony with the cycles of life and inspiring others to follow your example.

The Embodied Leader Training Program Includes:

* The 4 core Vividly Woman live events:

• Dance your Power – your introduction to the Three Vital Fountains
• The Embody Self Love Intensive — Excavate your unique truth in each of the Three Vital Fountains
• Sacred Sensual Splendor – Deeply nurture the Three Vital Fountains on an enlightening and luxurious Mexican retreat

* Leaders Circle 1 — Profound healing work for your Three Vital Fountains
* Online Monthly Community
* Five Weeks of Circle Coaching
* Five months of Circle Guide Tele-Gathering
* Certificate to teach Vividance and lead your own local Vividly Woman monthly Circles

The prices below include all of the above plus meals and shared accommodations at each live event.
$7295 USD

1 payment $7095 usd



12 payments $608 usd/month

Take the Journey Even Further… Become a Certified Vividly Woman Coach

Women who are enrolled in our Embodied Leader Training Program have the added option of participating in our The Vividly Woman Coach Training Program for 50% off the regular price. This is a complete coach training program including certification for only $2500.

The prices below include all of the above with the addition of VW Coach Training
$9795 USD

1 payment $9595 usd



12 payments $817 usd/month



If you’re ready to experience a richer, deeper, more beautiful life than ever before – and to connect with and inspire other women around the world – it’s your turn to join us…as a Vividly Woman Embodied Leader.

For details on these specialized training programs, contact a Vividly Woman team member here. We are happy to discuss and explore the possibilities with you.