Are you ready to make some much needed shifts in your life and contribute to the shifting times on our planet? Have you been living and working in a masculine dominated world, searching for greater connection to your genuine truth, sensing a calling to your next level of feminine aliveness? Are you noticing an inner nudging you want mirrored and affirmed in the devoted awakening of women around you?

Vividly Woman experiential training and tools for psycho-spiritual emergence are a safe and sacred container for women to come home to and claim your deep, rich, authentic and whole life tapestry, body, self and soul and become confident at integrating that into your life’s work.

Our training is ideal for Yoga/movement/fitness teachers, dance facilitators, therapists, coaches or health professionals wishing to infuse their service and practice with psycho-spiritual integration and dynamic feminine power. Or perhaps you’re ready for a complete life transformation from a more left brain linear expression of your life force and the career changes that reflect that. We’d love to have you spread your wings into the Embodied Leader version of the Vividly Woman YOU and train with us in one or more of our training tracks: