You are an inspiration to all us women and touched my life and gave me the courage and power to step forward in my own personal journey. Thanks for leading us all to and directing us toward our passion of life.
Sharon Madrid, BSN, ACM, CPC

Praise for ‘Dance Your Power Weekend Workshop’ Retreats

My weekend in Vividly Woman sacred circle was the most profound experience of my life. I took time away from my children and husband to be here, and I am so grateful that I did because I now know that I can offer them my full power and love when I return. Through one weekend dancing your power, I have grown into my body, my power, my life and I can’t wait to offer it to my sisters of the world. Alessandra Albis, FLA

I was in a very dark place in my life when I came to Vividly Woman circle. I knew I needed more. I found me and I am set free. My chains are broken. I know where I need to be and what I have to do. Pam S, NY

Thank you Leela and my circle of sisters for co-creating our safe, loving, supportive, healing circle together. This “delicious” dancing circle is one of the best life gifts that I have given to myself. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime. It’s life at its most delicious. Jessica L, NY

After being at Dance Your Power I began to smile again and got back into my own skin again. Thanks you!! I AM BACK to being me!! Janitza M, NY

Vividly Woman was an experience that I knew of and had some understanding of in my head but was able to awaken it in my body. The weekend helped me bring my body to life and no longer want to be victimized by my story. Learning and experiencing the 5 textures of Vividly Woman physically was a wonderful experience I want to continue in my daily life. Jessly D, NJ

“Great Weekend. I enjoyed the site and meals, and the spacious schedule where there was time to sleep, process and connect.” Stacie, Saskatchewan

“Thank you for a phenomenal weekend of awakening and embracing the feminine essence. May we continue to touch the lives of all around us and create change, one person at a time.” Mei, LA Oncologist

“This has been the most amazing weekend. I was very anxious leading into it and almost cancelled the night before – including forfeiting my $500 plane ticket – but my inner self forced me to come. Over the past 48 hours I have grown and learned so much about myself. My anxieties have melted away and I feel like my soul is beginning to heal – encouraged and supported by this lovely, divine, caring group of women. Accommodations were perfect, the food excellent. J.S., Alberta

“It was so lovely to be with all of these women and I appreciate the way you created a safe container. The processes were each very powerful.” Kristen, SF Business Analyst

“Vividly Woman is an experience every woman needs. Leela guided us through re-connecting with the feminine energy so many of us have misplaced. It was so much fun!” Jane, Woodstock

“This was a wonderful event with the setting and company. Getting some free time was wonderful we could all connect and really feel like sisters… something I don’t have, so thank you for that. You are a beautiful soul.” Lynne, Winnipeg Realtor

“I feel energized and overflowing with true and intense spirit and connection. Leela leads women into their power and realization of self and connection to divine consciousness. Thank you, Leela, from every cell of my body and my deepest truest self.” Mary, BC Registered Nurse

Praise for ‘Sacred Sensual Splendor’ Retreat

“With the assistance of nature, Leela helped me remember the sensual splendor that exists in me. Her passion to create a sacred space for women to connect to the Divine within is nurturing. Thank God she has the courage and ancient wisdom to know how to bring women to a place within themselves to see how magnificent we truly are.” Teri, Ontario

“I came home totally rejuvenated and so much in love with my husband. He, too, has been able to feel the Passionate Nathalie… So juicy!“ Nathalie

“I was so excited to walk through the gates of Present Moment retreat. The property, staff, room, ocean, sand, waves, birds, everything about this place is serene and fun. The work I did this week really wasn’t work it was playtime, getting to know you and the sisters was profound because I got to get to know me. If ever a woman should doubt coming to this retreat, please let her know she should ‘just do it.’” Katharine , Ontario

“When I first danced with Leela at an event I was drawn to her authenticity and passion. Then when I heard her talking about Sacred Sensual Splendor in Mexico I might as well have been the only one in the room because it felt as if she was talking to me, inviting me to reconnect with the beautiful goddess buried inside.

“I left for Mexico as a wife and mother of four, but returned as a sensual, impassioned woman ready to explore and live by my heart virtues. The layers started to melt away as soon as I enter the gates of Present Moments. The soft sandy beach, the beautiful “huts”, and the gourmet food were just the beginning. The real wonder came when I connected with the most incredible women, who by the end of week became my sisters for life. Together we laughed, cried, played and danced into our true, feminine beings. I will never forget my week of transformation in Mexico. In fact, I will be there again this January…I can’t get enough!” Randi Markel

“Sacred Sensual Splendor is a series of wonderful healing processes which every woman, whether they have been on a journey of self-love for a long time or are just beginning, needs to experience at least once in their lives. The joyous circle of women that I experienced is almost indescribable, and I will cherish the moments forever.” Love – Heidi

“My life is forever expanded because of my experience in Mexico with you and I am focused on harnessing that expansion in the present moment.. To Life Lived Passionately and On Purpose! xo, VA

Praise for ‘Embody Self Love Intensive’

“Embody Self Love! Wow what an amazing gift! To allow me to find the woman inside myself. I am so grateful. The gift of the sisterhood can never be taken away. The learnings I had through introspection are life changing. I feel as if I’ve gained a thousand million years of wisdom throughout my body.” Alisa, CA

“Embody Self Love Intensive was so huge- it cracked open the huge well of resistance & learned/automatic reactions that I have built up over years and tears. I now truly believe in my ability to carry self-love embodiment into my life outside.”

“Leela weaves into the sacred experience of the circle of women the fullness of a woman evolving and coming back home to who she really is. Embody Self Love will help you come home to yourself. Come home, the Goddess is calling. The circle of women is calling.”

“ESL rekindled memories of myself as a girl and how those early experiences shaped who I have come to understand myself as a woman and really sensing them through my body. Hard to describe but being so much in my body helped me to retrieve, relive, reincorporate, and revive these beautiful memories and experiences in a very new and profound way that I feel like I can harvest so readily now”.

A huge gift was understanding myself as a sister (or not!) throughout the years when I am among women. At ESL, I developed a compassionate curiosity for how I’ve felt alienated or felt myself alienating via some sense of “competition” among women–really healed that–which has made life so much sweeter and richer than before I did ESL. My relationships with women were always pretty good, now they are simply easy and delicious and so much fuller”.

“Embody Self Love Intensive was a diving deliciously deeper into me experientially! It was a journey of connecting to myself and profound healing through the containment of the 4 day circle”.

Praise for ‘Vividly Woman Monthly Community & Tele-circles’

“Leela, your shining light is an inspiration to me and it gives me hope in a world that sometimes looks like it is about to self-destruct. Thank you for creating a place to contribute our resources and love and making a difference in the world. What an honor it is to be a part of your circle.“ Rosanne

“When I read the story of the woman we sponsored in Rwanda, I felt so deeply how important the Vividly Woman journey is. I had thought the journey a bit indulgent and self-oriented compared to what refugees and women suffering in war zones experience, but when I read Valentine’s story after having done a few weeks of the Vividly Woman curriculum, I experienced how essential the VW journey is. The progress I make for myself in opening my sensual awareness is progress I make for Valentine too.“ Alexandra

“I love this program! It is re-awakening so many aspects of my personality and allowing me a freedom to be a sensual woman.” Janet M.

Praise for ‘Vividly Woman Leaders Circle’

The Leaders Circle gave me the PhD of Womanly Being! It is boldly profound and the most embracing homecoming I have ever experienced. M L, Senior Executive

“VWoman Leaders Circle was a milestone in my life. The powerful sacred space created by Leela and her guest facilitators allowed authentic embodiment of who I am to flow. At Leaders Circle, I took what I’m learning in my head much deeper into my body. I am so much more aware of what it’s telling me and it doesn’t have to scream so loudly to get my attention!“ Stacie NW

“Amazing, delicious, heart-opening, awakening, barrier breaking, empowering, sensual, moving, sacred are some of the adjectives I could use to describe my experiences at Vividly Woman Leader’s Circle…but in reality it is challenging to put into words the feelings I have about my journey over the past four days. Each aspect of the Circle was so thoughtfully crafted; each moment weaving itself into a wonderful, rich tapestry of vivid existence and personal transformation that I leave feeling rejuvenated, deeply connected to myself and my ‘sisters’ and confident in my ability to move forward in my life, both as a leader and as a woman.” Catriona M, Teacher

“This leadership training has reconnected me with my playful, sensual, powerful and wise side. I was really impressed by the transparency and participation of the leadership, which has already impacted my way of teaching in these last weeks. Thank you Leela for the gift of community, reverence and honoring of the divine feminine you bring to the world.” Stephanie G

VWoman Leaders Circle was a milestone in my life. The powerful sacred space created by Leela and her guest facilitators allowed authentic embodiment of who I am to flow. At Leaders Circle, I took what I’m learning in my head much deeper into my body. I am so much more aware of what it’s telling me and it doesn’t have to scream so loudly to get my attention!“ Stacie NW

“Leela has that something extra, both as a human being and as a facilitator. She has the indescribable ability to create magic in a room of women – especially in a group as small and intimate as Leaders Circle. Leela Francis invited each of the women at this retreat to conceive and give birth to a new life, and to be empowered to guide other women to this as well.” Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

“I almost postponed going to Leader’s circle, I thought oh well I can do it next year. I was totally caving in on my original intention that I had set in Mexico. But I went anyway, something inside of me new better and wouldn’t let me miss out on it in spite of all of the other things I had going on around that time. I don’t really know how to describe the experience. It was a calling that all of us came together and so much was accepted and healed at such a depth. I feel incredibly blessed to have danced in such a powerful circle and to know that I have a home anytime, anywhere with these ladies. All I have to do is pickup the phone. Though it’s hard to convey what I came away from Leader’s circle with… I do know this “I am a Leader” and I wouldn’t say that before. I’ve made the decision and stepped into my power. I am now speaking my truth compassionately where before I would hide. But most of all I feel loved and accepted for who I am, like I belong and there is a sense of community at a deeper level than ever before. Thank you my sisters…” In sisterhood… Brietestimonialstestimonials