Join Leela Francis, Founder of Vividly Woman for
Feminine IS Powerful

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On this call you’ll take away:

• How to be in your power by celebrating instead of suppressing your feminine essence.
• Awareness of how to connect with your body so you can resource it’s wisdom to thrive, experience better health, and be way more fulfilled.
• Effortless allowing instead of manipulative strategies to make your life juicy!
• Connection to yourself as a woman and part of a community of sisters who are really and truly here for you.

Dancing our Power is a blessing that needs to be shared in order to grow the love, spread the vibe, and make a difference happen globally. It starts, my dear sister with YOU! So start now!

I look forward to connecting on September 15th and embodying, dancing and living feminine is powerful!

Blessings and beauty,

Leela Francis