Vividly Woman Toolkit
DVD, DVD+CD Set, CD, Book



Vividance DVD- Enjoy a flowing and sensual movement practice that awakens, conditions and connects you to the body of nature.

Radiant Heart Groove DVD/CD Set- Embody the 5 stages of VividExistence™ as you move and groove to inspiring music, expressive, energy building choreography and all out free dancin’ fun! View & Listen.

VividExistence Body & Breath Meditation CD- Guided meditations, breathing exercises and affirmations, this gentle guided experience is for those times when you are wanting to wind down or give a gentle message to the psyche and soma (mind/body).

Vividly Woman, Textures of a Life Richly Lived Book – A stunning little book of inspiration, a guide to living the Vividly Woman way.

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