Fragmented approach to Wholeness


Like a lot of women I know and work with, I tried for a long time to find balance between the many areas of my life with very little success to show for it? What I discovered is that trying to achieve harmonious balance between the slices of the pie that are my life, is not actually an effective path to wholeness.

You’ve likely seen one of those life assessment pies before like the one above? The kind that fragments your life into several different slices corresponding to each of the dimensions of your life like family, work, health, recreation, etc?

You’re supposed to assess how much of your time and energy you’re devoting to each, and then make the necessary adjustments to achieve greater life balance.

Consider for a moment whether that is the model of the life you’re truly wishing to live. A life that is fragmented into many distinct pieces separated by clear, solid lines.

Is that the version of wholeness you’re choosing for yourself? If so, have you ever managed to live up to the balance you set out to achieve after completing this type of assessment? No, of course you haven’t. That is a system that is destined to fail, because women are not linear, clearly defined and fragmented beings. We are whole, juicy and free flowing, creative beings who thrive on flow instead of fragmentation.

No wonder formulas and logical theories don’t seem to work for us, and if they do work for a brief time, we’re still not truly nourished and so inevitably fall out of balance again.

The more accurate recipe for dynamic woman wholeness looks like the central circle in the diagram below, where your life has only 3 dimensions; sensual, emotional & intuitive that embrace and include all aspects of life, and instead of solid lines separating them, the lines are dotted so that the 3 elements interweave, connect, flow in and out of each other, influence and inform each other, enhance and nurture one an another.

These 3 dimenions correspond to the 3 aspects of the Goddess; maiden, mother and crone and acknowldege that everything women need in order to thrive, both masculine and  feminine essences, can be found within this trinity.

At an intuitive level we all know that the linear, segregated approach is not who we are, but because of years of programming and the patriarchal world we live in, it’s very difficult to shake what has become so ingrained.

The process of unwinding the more masculine mindset in favor of this more feminine body, self and soul orientation is admittedly one that takes time and devotion. While easy to conceptually grasp at first, it does take time to make the shift from the masculine inspired linear to the feminine inspired sculptural in how we live our lives. But we have to start somewhere and be gentle with ourselves moment to moment, day to day, week to week until eventually it becomes default behavior and our way of being that we pass down to generations yet to come. Even then, we will most likely need reminding, and that’s what community and sisterhood is for.

We’ve designed a new 1 day Vividly Woman program to introduce you to this new recipe that is way more in alignment with you and your divine feminine sensibilities. While it honors the feminine qualities of creativity, flow and intuition, it also harnesses the masculine gifts that support direction and focus. At Fire Up YOUR Feminine Power, you’ll be re-acquainted with your whole self that is your Vividly Woman-ness, and you’ll be empowered to weave that model into your life for sustainable personal and professional results.

The early bird special price of $39 (you save $90 & this price includes lunch) expires on Oct 15th so don’t wait. Plan on dancing into the unknown with us and discovering who you really are when you replace the fragments with your whole woman self.


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1 Comment to “Fragmented approach to Wholeness”

  1. Sharon Madrid


    5:01 PM


    It is amazing how I become so easily distracted and overwhelmed with trying to keep up the masculine pace in life. The work place strips me of my femininity as I get caught up battling with the EGO, that masculine drive to remain grounded and loose sight of sensing in to listen inward to my three power centers that brings in the feminine. I struggle with the balance act between work, home, and self. I crave the strength to remain focused on my true desires of being whole by incorporating the 5 senses into my everyday life. This article is a great reminder that it times with devotion and to be gentle with ourselves. Remind me to take the time to practice.
    Embracing you with a big hug, MWAH


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