Somewhere deep inside you is the woman
you were always meant to be…

a sexy, passionate, powerful goddess
who lives life on her terms.

It’s time to let her out to play.

It’s time to Fire Up Your Feminine Power.

As women, we spend our lives struggling to conform to other people’s expectations. We dutifully follow a blueprint for success that was created for men in a man’s world. We squeeze our tummies and butts and thighs into so-called “shapewear” so we can look just a teeny bit more like the airbrushed supermodels we see in magazines. And when our emotions get the best of us, we stuff them deep down inside, hoping they won’t bother us – or anyone else — anymore.

No wonder so many of us feel exhausted, unfulfilled and even unsexy. It’s like the demands of life and work and relationships and motherhood took all our feminine fire and dumped a big bucket of water on it.

Well, sisters, it’s time to say, “Not anymore!”

It’s time to reconnect with that Goddess inside of you and let her out into the world.
It’s time to reclaim your passionate, powerful, womanly glory.
It’s time to Fire Up Your Feminine Power.

Fire Up Your Feminine Power is a day devoted to reconnecting with the Goddess you are — helping you to discover, resource and finally celebrate the fire of your unique flavor of feminine power.

Over the course of one magical day, you’ll celebrate the beauty that you and only you possess. You’ll experience living in and loving the body you have right now. You’ll find a safe place to honor your feelings and emotions. And you’ll learn to harness and use your most sacred gift – the power of your intuition – to bring you the kind of success and fulfillment you’ve only dreamed of.

Because when you fully embrace the goddess that is you, you’ll walk away with a new kind of power. The power to be a fired-up feminine leader who gets noticed – and gets results — both personally and professionally.

Your transformation will happen as you savor and enjoy the Vividly Woman recipe for a life richly lived. This includes:

* the Sacred Circle
* Dance
* Self-inquiry, plus…
* a juicy dose of fun!

You’ll leave with a deep, sacred understanding of the Goddess you are, knowing exactly how to harness your feminine power, and fired up for whatever comes next!

You’ll learn:

  1. How to understand the light and shadow aspects of your power so you can enhance and harness both
  2. How to resource the truth and wisdom of your beautiful body – with way less worry and stress and way more joy and pleasure
  3. How other women can be your allies instead of your rivals, so your gifts are promoted for you
  4. How to be your own best friend — creating greater intimacy, trust and integrity in all your relationships

Come join us for what’s sure to be an unforgettable day. Your Goddess is waiting…