Embody Self Love Intensive

This 4-day experience is an adventure into the soulful depth of your spirit’s longing for expression in a woman’s body. Expect a richly woven journey consisting of dyads, Trancedance, and flirting with nature, with periods of sacred silence. This is a profoundly empowering exploration of harnessing energy and spirit through a deepening intimacy with self, nature and sacred community.

The number one issue that women face preventing us from truly living our most radiant and vivid existence, is lack of self love. When we are void of self love, we lack self worth, resulting in a profoundly disembodied way of being in our lives, general discontent and lack of fulfillment. The Embody Self Love Intensive will bring you home to your authentic Goddess essence; a dynamic expression of your true love for self so that you are living, breathing and dancing a positively delicious existence, NOW and forever more. You deserve this. Claim it for yourself! Together we’ll excavate our truth; love it, embrace it, and proudly and radiantly embody it.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

May 22-25, 2014
Harmony Hill Retreat Center, Union, WA


$1695 Meals and accommodations are included.

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