Dance Your Power Retreat

When was the last time you let your inhibitions go,
and forgot about who was watching…
or what people might think…
or anything except the natural rhythms of your own body and soul?

When was the last time you danced?

If you’re like a lot of women, it’s been a few decades since those childhood ballet or jazz classes, the afternoons practicing with the cheerleading squad or drill team, the nights when you “shook what your momma gave ya” on the dance floor at your favorite club. For too many of us, dancing is something we “used to do,” something now reserved for kids, or for famous people on TV, complete with choreography as complicated as their costumes are sparkly.

But dance is so much more than fancy outfits and death-defying lifts. And it’s certainly not something reserved for the young. Dance can be healing. It can be freeing. It can be spontaneous, with no need for “skills” or hours of practice to get it just right. Dance can be totally wild, natural and uninhibited – like the ocean and the mountains and the sky. Dancing can liberate you from all the rules, limitations and blocks that are in the way of you living in the full flow of your version of success, prosperity and genuine fulfillment.

Dance is life. And it’s time for you to live.

Dance is Abundance, and it’s time for you to thrive!

It’s time to move with total abandon to the rhythms of your own body and soul.
It’s time to connect with your sisters, your soul and your self.
It’s time to Dance Your Power.

During the Dance Your Power Weeklong Retreat, you’ll gather with other women in a beautiful, natural place for an initiation gathering where you will dance, share and learn in an environment of total acceptance and love. Here, you will be intimately introduced to your Three Centers of Feminine Power, also known as the Three Inner fountains of Woman’s Wisdom; the sensual fountain, the emotional fountain and the intuitive fountain.

Over the course of this magical week, you’ll discover & claim for yourself the enriching path of beauty and aliveness that is the Vividly Woman YOU. You’ll reconnect with the essence of your feminine power through movement & dance, creative ritual, nature’s wisdom and a circling community of sisters. This is truly what it means to come home to you, body, self and soul!

You’ll leave with your inner fire rekindled, returning to the “real world” with an intimate knowledge of the passionate, powerful Goddess you are with the switch flipped to All Systems Go!

You’ll learn:

• How to hold sacred space and bring this powerful energy into your everyday life, so you live your power every single day, instead of living as a victim.
• How to access the hidden wisdom of your body so you live in truth (power) instead of story (suffering).
• To dance not only for your own aliveness and personal expansion, but for all your sisters’ freedom, empowerment and prosperity as well.
• To become a conduit of divine wisdom, so that you can freely follow your true path and your life’s purpose will finally be realized with the abundant wealth that goes along with it.


Troncones, MX Jan 24-31, 2015 Includes Cleanse


$2495 usd

includes meals, shared accommodations, all classes, 1 eco adventure and pre-retreat detox consultation
Deposit due at time of reservation: $500
Payment plans available: Contact info@VividlyWoman.com for more information

Early Bird Price $2195*

*Deposit must be paid before Dec 5th

Bring a friend for only $1695!

(does not include pre-retreat consultation- please inquire to add to your retreat)

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