Daily Dance for Darfur is a Leela Francis/ Vividly Woman Program Initiative, dedicated to raising funds for the Women’s Center in the Displaced Persons Camp in Kasaab, Darfur. The act of dancing allows us all to also raise our own feminine power through our dance! These proud, strong and in-need women, have been sexually violated, traumatized,tragically lost their homes and their livelihood, and often times their entire families.

Our Daily Dance for Dafur supporters participating in the project, are enthusiastically encouraged to dance for at least 15 heart opening minutes each and every day, for one month, to assist us in raising the much needed resources and funds for our sisters in Darfur.

Affirming that our dance does matter, our support can change lives and we together can make a difference for the women of Darfur… dancing!

Daily Dance for Dafur participants can either dance independently, or be a dedicated sponsor or
select both options;


As a Daily Dance for Darfur event sponsor you pledge $1.00 USD per day, for one month. If your sponsored dancer dances each day of your participating month, you have pledged the approximate amount of $30.00 USD in contributions.

Being a sponsor for the Daily Dance for Darfur dancer who referred you to this page; please register below and at the close of the calendar month your friend, co-worker, mom or sister will let you know how many days she danced! You will be prompted by our Leela Francis staff to donate online to the Women’s Peace Center for the specific amount (maximum $31) you have contributed on behalf of your sponsorship.


Your Daily Dance for Darfur dancer responsibilities; you agree to dance each day for one month for at least 15 heart opening minutes, and to call on and gather 10 new, excited and devoted sponsors to sponsor your own daily dance for $1.00 per day (approx $3o for the specific calendar month).

To register as a Daily Dance for Darfur participating dancer, please register here to receive your tools and basic inspiration instruction to support your dance!

Everyone with Leela Francis, and all the Leela Francis, Vividly Woman Programs thanks you for your continued support, deep belief and endless encouragement.

Register here to become a Daily Dance for Darfur Sponsor!

Register here to become a Daily Dance for Darfur Dancer!

Disclaimer; Leela Francis, the Leela Francis Embodiment Programs, Vividly Woman and VividExistence hold no claims or direct responsibility to the allocation or distribution of funds on behalf of this Daily Dance for Darfur fund raising promotion. These efforts are the sole responsibility of the participant and any monies contributed on behalf of the charitable cause shall be deemed the proprietary ownership of said charity.