The path of the Vividly Woman is an intimate weaving of sensuality, spirituality and creativity. We celebrate the body as a temple for communion with the divine to heal and awaken on all levels.

All of our events include a luscious helping of movement/dance practices and rituals that serve as self-inquiry, creative play and consciousness-raising corresponding to the 5 Stages of VividExistence / 5 Textures of Vividly Woman. Our dance experiences complement and inform our other processes including flirting with nature, sacred circle and expressive arts explorations.

The Healing Power of Dance

There are many techniques and methods to explore and release unhealthy patterns and unresolved grief. Talk therapies and belief change processes can only take us so far when so much of what we are lives in our bodies at a cellular level. The beauty of dance as a therapeutic art and practice is that it can affect change and transformation at the physiological, musculo-skeletal, psychological and emotional levels that often cognitive therapy cannot.

Integration at the level of the body is essential for change and expansion to be assimilated and sustained.

At Vividly Woman events and in our monthly online community dance is a pivotal dimension of our exploration into womanhood, self-love, self discovery and evolution as embodied leaders. Through dance we are able to transcend currently held beliefs, limitations and identifications we hold about ourselves and the world by letting the body’s wisdom emerge, heal and communicate sensually, spiritually and creatively.

5 Stages of VividExistence/5 Textures of Vividly Woman

The 5 stages/textures system is a dynamic and powerful life practice and inquiry into embodiment. By deeply discovering ourselves within each stage/texture – Sense, Ground, Mobilize, Harness & Express – we become masters at creating a vibrantly expanding sense of self and ever more Vivid Existence .

1. Sense: Develop your felt sense and blossoming energy body awareness

2. Ground: Deepen your connection to earth and gravitational energy, the essence of living in a physical body

3. Mobilize: Move energy, the sap of your existence, from a depth of meaning and body wisdom

4. Harness: Expand energy potential by learning how to sustain it through grounding and containing techniques, principles & practices

5. Express: Enjoy the fruits of meaningfully sustained expression and renewable energy.