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Senior Coaches

Leela Francis | Founder, CEO, Mentor & Coach Trainer:

Leela FrancisLeela is the founder and CEO of Vividly Woman. A facilitator of groups and individuals for over 20 years, she’s an expert in the field of body consciousness and soulful personal expansion. Her many studies, trainings, work with individuals and families, shamanic initiations and rich life experience add depth and dimension to her skills.

In my private mentoring practice, I’m devoted to you releasing the inner judgements and outer standards that have burdened your journey and are getting in the way of you moving from suffering to radiant fulfillment. I’m a passionate advocate for ending struggle for all women who hold this vision for themselves. I walk hand in hand with you to help you access the living truth that your body knows and wants you to know so that self betrayal is no longer how you operate in the world.

I have dived deep into my own dark nights, danced through the fire around loss, conflict, infertility, heart ache and career obstacles. I emerged wiser and more joyful for it all. I enroll my gifts of sensitivity, insight, compassion and my embodiment expertise to hold a loving, empowering and intuitive container that will inspire your own sensual, emotional and spiritual awakening.

There is no solution to your problem, there is only your intimate and authentic interface with it that will unwind the struggle and has the ability to dissolve your suffering.


Kara McKay | Facilitator, Coach & Coach Trainer

KaraKara McKay is handing out permission slips on the F**k perfect campaign trail, inviting you to start living your truth. I wonder who are YOU when you’re not trying to be perfect? Kara works internationally leading Vividly Woman retreats. As the founder of Sacred Sassy Life&Body Coaching and the co-creator of the Vividly Women Lifestyle Coach Training, she now trains other coaches to thrive in their sacred livelihood.

She also answers to Mama, dancer, writer, quirky collage artist, and Badass! Are you stuck in your head? Ready to get outta your own way? Let’s get you back home to the wisdom and truth of your body! |


Randi Markel | Facilitator & Coach

Randi MarkelRandi’s passion and enthusiasm for women and children’s empowerment led her to become the co-founder and Managing Director of Vividly Woman’s Vivapreneur Academy. Coming with a Masters Degree in Education and seventeen years of teaching experience, Randi is focused on giving back and taking action to help others. She has founded and facilitated numerous charity events and fundraisers, the latest being Blankets of Warmth for Haiti, and hosted Vividly Woman’s Sensual Heart Tour in New Jersey.
Randi speaks her truth with compassion and finds strength in living authentically and passionately as a strong woman. Her truest life’s work has been raising her four amazing children and empowering them with these same traits.

Randi considers this part of her life a reinvention. She is proud and honored to have created an arena where women can grow their business and themselves in community. She resides in New Jersey with her incredible husband and four children. Randi is a Vividly Woman Facilitator, coach and Circle Guide. |

Donna Bargoil Hertel | Co-Facilitator & Coach

Donna embodies the spiraling energy of a butterfly and sources her inner goddess through curiosity and playing full-out. As a coach, she aims to cultivate ease, flow, and wonder through movement, conscious awareness, and creative fun. Her sessions combine coaching with energy healing, meditation, and body awareness practices plus a few renegade elements, resulting in both laughter and tears. She loves nothing more than to help women dive deep to discover the radiant inner sparkle that already exists within them and then to help them design a lifestyle grounded in speaking their truths, living their passions, and expressing their own unique, full-being, funky groove.

She is a Vividly Woman Coach, a Live Your Genius Coach, and an Advanced Energy Healer. Armed with a MA in Anthropology and masquerading as a software tester by day, she practices blurting her truth as part of her own Groove Odyssey. Her passions are hiking up steep slopes and through moss-laden valleys, snuggling with her Weimaraners, flirting with Nature, growing heirloom tomatoes, and discovering daily moments of unexpected fun, awe, and celebration.  Wahoo! |

Sharon (Sunni) Madrid | Co-Facilitator & Coach

DSC_7408After 34 years in nursing Sharon retired and receives inner joy as an Embodiment Leadership Coach. When Sharon wrote her story in “Speaking Your Truth”- Beginnings and Triumphs, she witnessed her own power and devoted her life to living authentically devoted to helping other women lead their lives as Embodied Leaders. She works with women in positions of leadership who desire to become self-aware, authentic leaders. YOU are driven by success. Monkey mind makes you question what your authentic leadership truth is. Through practices and rituals she guides you inward, out of the head and into the body to your intuitive, emotional and sensual powers.

Sharon enjoys spending time with her husband, their dog Hendryx and extended family. She loves to travel to immerse self in local culture. She gains strength in aligning purpose with inner balance by creating ritual through connection in nature, walking, skiing, dance, music, yoga meditation and inspiring women to honor who they truly are.

Helena Borgers | Coach

Helena is devoted to the growth of her spiritual practice and is a constant source of inspiration for others. She is dedicated to keeping her body, mind and soul balanced with daily Meditation and Pilates. Her expertise and a skill set of sincere listening, mindful communication and an infectious personality of positive thinking are an inspiration to the lives of those she touches.  Helena’s desire is to guide women from their heads back into the feminine essence of their sacred body through a variety of healing methods.

Helena’s training includes The Vividly Woman Coach & Embodied Leader Training Program, Women’s Circles, All Addiction Twelve Step Program, Energy Therapy/Healing and Spiritual/Divine Practices. Possessing a degree in Political Science/Economics and currently completing a graduate degree in Psychotherapy, she also teaches swimming to kids with disabilities.  Raised three amazing boys and enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking and climbing the Austrian Alps!! |


Christina Marlett | Coach

Creativity bursting from my womb
Healing myself so others can bloom
Risking my image to be more authentic
Insecurities fading, becoming eccentric
Sensual practice reveals hidden truth
Teasing out what I had lost from my youth
Inquiring about my feminine side
Noticing what makes my heart open wide
Astounding growth can’t be denied

Poet, writer, dancer, mother, wife, teacher, student, seeker of truth, evolutionary. Funny, wise, compassionate. Personal motto: In life, as in dance, there are no mistakes, only new moves.

Bela Patel Bela Patel | Coach

Bela’s devotion to creating a beautiful life filled with love, laughter, bliss, peace & abundance is what fuels her passion to help others to create the same. It is her desire to see women melt through their walls of fear, pain, insecurity & doubt into their authentic power, radiance & beauty.

From overcoming her own struggles with childhood abuse & depression, she has learned many valuable lessons & tools to help nurture & empower women through their own challenges. She loves being a woman & embraces her femininity & is thrilled to help women reveal & ignite their inner goddess. Bela realizes that creating a community of sisterhood is essential to her own well-being & the healing of our world… through mutual love, kindness, acceptance, cooperation, authentic sharing & compassionate listening. She believes anything is possible & miracles are all around us. Bela is trained to be a Vividly Woman Coach, a Vividly Woman Embodied Leader & Women’s Circle Guide.

Angela-ThurstonAngela Thurston | Coach

Angela empowers women to step into a realm of self-discovery, where all aspects of being a powerful yet feminine woman are explored. In our fast paced, masculine dominated world it is easy to feel tired, self critical, unfulfilled, and in competition with each other. She guides women in how to be present & genuinely confident, whereby you become a magnet for the relationships, health, income, body image, and life fulfillment you’ve been looking for.


Angela Thurston is a Vividly Woman Embodiment Coach, a licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, Sacred Feminine Facilitator, Writer & Speaker.