We Are All Sisters

I just have to write about a recent event in the life of my dear Vividly Woman Sister, Randi. The truth is Randi is always having extraordinary experiences and I keep asking her to write about them and share her wisdom and life insights. She hasn’t complied with my begging thus far so I am here writing her story instead.

Randi and her daughter Chelsea, both whom I had the blessing to dance with this winter in Mexico, were on there way somewhere, in some airport, sometime in the last few weeks. They stepped into the security line and couldn’t help noticing a young woman in full army fatigues in tears as she said good by to her young male friend/husband?

Chelsea and Randi watched as this classical scene played out infront of them, imagining that this girl must be off to some distant land of horror and chaos to defend her country.

As the young woman stepped into line behind my Vividly Woman Sisters, she continued to weep. Randi turned to her and asked if she was okay and the conversation continued with the young soldier sharing that she was heading to MI to be deployed from there.

As Randi shared the story, I realized the verb to deploy is pretty foreign to my every day life, and it was actually a very sensually scary word to be hearing and sensing over the phone all of a sudden.

Back to Randi’s story, after 20 minutes of waiting in the security line, during which time Randi and Chelsea were vividly aware of their young friend behind them but chose not to intrude on her privacy, they parted ways with out really bidding each other good by.

After going through security heading toward their gate, Randi felt sad that she had not actually said good by to this young woman. As if by magic, the young soldier appeared behind them also headed to her gate, rushing to catch her flight. When Randi saw her she stopped her and said, “I wished I had said Good by and I just want you to know that you are not alone, you have every woman with you and we are all sisters”. And then hurriedly rummaged through her bag to find her Vividly Woman; Textures of a Life Richly Lived book to give to her. “Here” she said,” I think this will mean a lot for you to read”.

The girl was so moved that as they moved toward each other to hug, Randi said she experienced one of the most profound and heart felt hugs she had ever had.

Can you sense this experience. I can. I can just imagine my heart racing with the reality of this situation. A sister headed to war, to engage in battle and possibly the ugliest part of life.

We are indeed all sisters. Thank you Randi for being so Vividly one of mine!

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