Eating on the Fly
I’m not a nutrition expert but I am by now an airport expert. I literally travel all the time to teach women and men how to live healthy vibrant lives. As a certified yoga and dance teacher and registered massage therapist, I know a thing or two about good health, but eating right in airports is pretty challenging. So here a few things I’ve learned about how to keep eating in healthy life affirming way even when you are flying.

My 3 tips for not blowing your healthy diet in airports:

1. Make sure to bring a healthy snack for emergency situations. i.e apple, health bar, nuts and seeds. Hudson books always has packaged nuts/seeds/dried fruit mixes as well if you forget.
2. Hold out for the soups or salads. Its easy to be seduced by the pretzel wagon or the burger joint as you make your way between gates during stop overs. Don’t go for the first thing you see. Sniff around before you bite.
3. Stop at the sit down and order style of restaurants with a real waiter serving you instead of the counter order style, as much as possible. These full menu restaurants seem to have the most and best options for a healthy meal and they are usually pretty quick. If you are in a hurry check with the host whether you can be served in time. They can often give you take out as well.

So you needn’t give up good health when you fly, you just have to know where to hunt down the cleanest options!

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I propose a Best Airports for Dancing In survey. Wouldn’t it be grand if there was groovy dance music playing in every airport and we could dance our way from gate to gate, celebrating the wealth and abundance that we are so blessed to know.

I’m starting the survey now. Chicago Ohare sets the bar for lots of wide halls to dance through. I’m also impressed with their healthy choice of snacks for replenishing your energy after dancing from concourse G all the way to L. I munched on an apple and cheese, not enough time for a smoothie unfortunately!
Next to survey will be Seatac in a few hours when I land there, dancing of course. Hell, if you have to spend lots of time flying, you might as well just frickin dance it!

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