As 2010 leaps off to a roaring start, I am heading off to the dentist to do some heavy duty work on my teeth. I make sure my teeth are in good shape each year before I head to Mexico for the winter so that my time down there can be exactly what it is meant to be; a sensual adventure into pleasure, passion and play. I certainly don’t want any tooth aches getting in my way!

So how does a spiritual woman deal with her fear of dental procedures? Well first I reached out to my sisters, the women who are my inner circle, to invite their loving support. Then I posted on Facebook just to hear what others might have to say about dentist visits. Finally, I resource everything I know about mind over matter, meditation, yoga, and breath to heal and calm the body, and finally I acknowledge how blessed I am to be having excellent care from devoted professionals.
The next time I write I’ll have 2 less wisdom teeth, but hopefully no less wise!
To our good health,

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