Unweave the Story

“The “story” is sometimes what keeps us from ever experiencing our true creative self.” Thank you Cassandra Russell, creativity coach, for these wise words.

If only we could catch ourselves in the story. But so often the story pulls us in, wraps us up in her dramatic web, and consumes so much of our energy that could otherwise be spent on more creative adventures that delight and please us.

So how to catch the story before it becomes a trap?

Well, here are a couple of tips to identify and pull the plug on the inflated illusion of disempowering stories:

1. Notice if you are spending a lot of time talking about, instead of experiencing life. If you are constantly in the role of commentator instead of living life in the first person, present time, you are likely in the story. So stop talking and start being and savoring!

2. Does it take you a long time to get a point across? Do you notice that others are hesitant to spend time with you or they tend to boundary their time with you? This is a good indication that your stories are an energy drain on others and likely you too.

3. Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person? If you are constantly complaining, it’s likely that you are swept away with the story instead of the truth. Remember that the truth will set you free from the story ridden chronic complaining that keeps you stuck and the victim.

So start noticing these things about yourself and the way you relate to yourself and others. Always weaving stories is alright if you are a spider, but for many of us we just get tangled into our own web of victimhood!

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