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Embody Self Love- Not Just an Idea

There’s a difference between the idea of self love and the embodiment of it.

We all know that we “should” love ourselves. That’s the idea of it. The fact is however that most of us spend an awful lot of time negating our self worth with negative self talk, choices that don’t reflect our true essence, and inauthentic boundaries in our relationships that disempower us.

The idea of self love is a good one, but the embodiment of it goes way beyond the idea into the actual lived experience of it. The embodiment of self love requires a deep and loving inquiry into the soul self versus the social self.

The soul self is the unique essence of our being that runs deep and true. The social self is the egoic self that develops as we grow in order to “survive” in the world, win love and approval, and achieve a perception of success. In other words, we learn how to behave in order to be loved.

Unfortunately our learned behavior often has us sacrificing the authentic essence of the soul self to accommodate the social self. The soul self gets buried alive under the constructs of the social self to the point that the soul self is barely identifiable.

Development of the social self may help us to attain certain results in the material world, however it can also be a persistent abuse and betrayal of the core of our being. And it is this self betraying and abusive behavior versus the deep and true soul essence of self, that is really who and what we dislike, even hate,

Devoting oneself to that deep and true soul self is a first step back to finding the love that it rightly deserves. Because it’s been so obscured by the egoic social self, the way new civilizations stack themselves one on top of the other, it’s actually necessary to excavate your soul truth, to embrace it, and to truly embody it, so that you can actually love it!

Leela Francis is a speaker, facilitator and Embody Power Expert. She’s the founder and CEO of Vividly Woman, helping women to tap into their embodied power to become thriving, healthy and fulfilled leaders, personally and professionally.

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