So You Think You CAN'T Dance

I hear it all the time, I can’t dance! I have 2 left feet, I’m a disaster on the dance floor, etc, etc.

I can relate! Not about dance, but about other things like singing and painting and chemistry and business and marketing……. All of these things were activities I never thought I could do. They just weren’t me and what came naturally.

Well guess what. Doing what doesn’t come naturally can actually be amazingly fulfilling. That’s what I discovered when I went back to school to upgrade my sciences so I could study massage Therapy. Chemistry and biology were the farthest thing from my reality, but once I conquered that limited belief about myself, I knew that anything was possible.

Singing; that was another one that always intimidated me. Now I howl my heart open any chance I get because I know that the sound of my soul has its own unique charm even if I don’t sound like Celine Dion.

So when it comes to dance, one thing that I was blessed with ease and aptitude with since the beginning, I am particularly empathetic when I hear others express their fears and hesitations. I know what it’s like to think “I can’t do it, I’ll be embarrassed, there is a right way and I’ll screw up, if anyone saw me, I’ll feel like an idiot”. I know what it’s like to believe there is a right way and a wrong way and I will never have the skill necessary to do it the way it’s meant to be done.

Well what if there isn’t just one way, what if there is only your way? What if your way is the right way because it’s your way and that’s what makes it divine and wonderful? Or the contrary, what if we all did it the same way and it looked good but didn’t really feel very authentic? Would that serve any purpose other than to make us feel even more alone because we are further from the truth of our own unique dance or voice or………way?

So does that make you think you CAN dance? I hope so, but now it’s time to stop thinking and start dancing! So just frickin dance it.

Happy Dancing!

Leela Francis

Leela Francis is an Embodiment Expert. She helps women dance their power and rock the world with their passion for life.

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