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Circle Addiction

I am Vividly Woman! I want to shout it from the roof tops and throw my bra out the window!

I feel compelled to share yesterday’s Ah Ha moment with my Sisters because I want this for all of us.

Life happens each and everyday, thank Goddess. Yesterday happened to be one of those days that challenged my nerves and tested my resolve. At midnight my youngest daughter woke me up with the news that her belly hurt.

For the next five hours she proceeded to throw up thanks to the stomach flu she picked up at school. It was an agonizing, exhausting night and an even harder morning getting my other kids up and off to school.

The clean up began and I was feeling quite cranky. In the midst of the chaos I looked in my agenda to make sure I wasn’t missing something and I saw that I had scheduled a call with my business partner and Vividly Woman Sister, Leela. A smile crossed my lips. Yeah! I get to have a little sister time.

The familiar tingles rose through my body. It was then that I reminded myself to close my eyes and bring myself back to my circle of sisters who I had just left a few weeks back while at Vividly Woman Leaders Circle 1 in Ojai, California. I held my left hand up and my right hand down and I was transformed back to ME in all my Goddess glory, mop in hand and all.

Another jolt of joy and calm rose up when I reminded myself that I would be once again physically in circle in just a few weeks when I assist at Sacred Sensual Splendor in Mexico. Ahhhh, yesssss!

I know for sure that participating in circles as often as possible, live and virtual, is an indulgence, verging on addiction, that I’ve consciously chosen to give/gift myself. I am worthy of the support, the love and the sisterhood that fuels my soul and ignites my spirit. I am in true awe of how I’ve peeled away the layers that had built up over time and I’ve allowed myself to bring back that little girl that was buried deep inside; the excited, sensual, curious, playful and hopeful girl – the girl who knows not to just get through a day, but to dance through it.

I am living breathing proof that Vividly Woman & sacred circle changes lives.

I”m embodying and exuding what I’m learning from each circle. I’ve become a beautiful example for my family to see how I value taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. The peaks and valleys I experience come much more smoothly. In return, those around me serve ME, the Goddess, in reverence and respect. I love my life, I love my sisters, and I love being Vividly Woman.

Contact me any time for a hit of Vividly Woman Sisterly love

Randi Markel is co-founder of Vividly Woman Vivapreneur Academy and a Vividly Woman Co-Facilitator. With a background in education and fundraising project management, and as the mother of 4, she is a woman who lives fully and vividly!

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What is an Embodiment Expert, You Ask?

An embodiment expert helps people to tap into and enjoy their sensual, spiritual and creative power by inhabiting their body as a temple instead of using it like a machine. Harnessing this power gives you access to divine wisdom and authentic joy so your life is a lush tropical adventure instead of the voyeur experience from behind tinted glass.

Imagine a rich thick chocolate or strawberry mousse. How delicious and divine that ‘s going to be when you scoop it up and savor it passing over your lips and feeling its texture on your tongue and palette, then sliding over your throat like liquid love. Mmmmm……..

Now how juicy would that same mousse be if you were to try to suck it through a small straw? You can’t even get it half way to your mouth! What a rip off. But that’s how a lot of us live our lives, trying to suck up mousse through a straw by trying to enjoy our body when all we ever do is use it like a machine.

I’ll give you another example, imagine the lush tropical rainforest, moist and rampant with scents and textures, the spongey earth, the humid air, the wild sounds of bird call. Now imagine it from behind the tinted glass of a tour bus at 50 miles per hour.

It’s yours for the choosing my sisters. And I am here to help you make the choice that will allow you to claim a life that is richly lived!

Leela Francis is an embodiment expert. She helps women dance their power and rock the world with their passion for life.

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