Do or Dance?

Do you do your life, or do you dance it?

This is an excellent question to ponder. If you’re doing a lot of doing, guess what? You are working way to hard with not nearly the fun and the results you could be enjoying if you were to be doing a lot more dancing!

Doing your life is about living in a box that conforms to what we have been taught, lead to believe, coerced into trusting and limited to seeing, sensing and perceiving.
Dancing your life, on the other hand is about exploring, investigating, and resourcing our inner world and truth. It’s about curiously venturing out of the box and passionately savoring the unique and limitless ways of seeing, sensing and perceiving available to you when you choose to dance versus do.
As a Vividly Woman, dancing is a non negotiable way of being in the world that is not reserved for the dance floor or even a deserted beach. Dancing is how we be in every encounter, every task, every opportunity.
So start now. Whatever it is that needs doing, dance it instead. Approach it with the eyes and curiosity of a child. Become greedy for sensual connection with the task at hand and dive in with gratitude and a great big basket of crayons that has every color, shade, or hue you could ever imagine. There is truly no end to what is possible when you are dancing it!
Dancing Vividly,

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