Ignite Your Embodied Power – Step One

The first step to igniting your embodied power is distinguishing between feelings, thoughts and sensations.

So first of all, when I say feelings I’m talking about your emotions, like happiness, sadness, anger, joy, etc.
When I say thoughts I’m talking about the thougths that you think. For every emotion there is a corresponsding thought that goes with it, for instance, I’m happy because I finished work early enough to go for a walk. The thought is everything that comes after the because.

When I say sensations, I mean the felt sense experience of your body, the language of your body. For every emotion there is a corresponsding sensation. For instance, I’m sad and I sense it as a heaviness in my chest.

Most of our states of being arise in conscious awareness as emotions. We notice an emotional change and typically go directly to the thoughts that justify those emotions. The problem with that is that your emotions are amazing sources of power. This is especially so for women. Women are profoundly guided and motivated by our empathy and our emotional awareness. We’ve all heard the story of the mother lifting the car off her child’s body. So to go from our emotions directly into our head and our thoughts causes an immediate disconnect, a cutting off of this infinite source of power that is our emotions. Instead what we could do to harness that emotional power, is go to the body sensation that corresponds to the emotion.

When I take you to steps 2 and 3 we’ll look at that more closely, but for now I just want you to start to pay attention to these 3 distinctive dimensions of your being, your feelings, your thoughts and your sensations.

The easiest way to get into this habit is to go to your journal or a note book and take 3 pages. At the top of one write “I feel”, at the top of the next one write “I sense”, and the top of the next one write “I think”. And as often as you can, when you notice a feeling arise, go to your journal and record the 2 other states of being that correspond. To that feeling.

This very simple distinction has made a huge difference in my life. I’m an emotionally passionate woman, I celebrate my emotions, and now that I know the difference between my feelings thoughts and sensations I can tap into the power of my emotions instead of over ride them with my thoughts. And you’ll understand this for yourself as we move forward over the next few weeks.

So practice this distinction exercise for a week or so and we’ll re-connect with the second step to ignite your embodied power which will start to put this in context for you.

Until next we connect be well and make love to your life!

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