Thank you


Thank you, Life. Thank you for this breath. 
Thank you for this inhale. 
Thank you for this exhale.

Thank you, Heart.
 Thank you for this pounding.
 Thank you for this pulsing.
Thank you for this Love.

Thank you, Feet.
 Thank you for this walk. 
Thank you for this run. 
Thank you for this Dance.

Thank you, Eyes. 
Thank you for the Sunrise.
 Thank you for the Sunset. 
Thank you for all the Colors.

Thank you, Ears. 
Thank you for the Music. 
Thank you for the Rhythm. 
And thank you for the Stillness.

Thank you, Hands. 
Thank you for the Caressing. 
Thank you for the Clapping. 
And thank you for the Holding.

Thank you, Mouth. 
Thank you for the nourishment. 
Thank you for the flavors. 
Thank you for the Kisses.

Thank you, Nose. 
Thank you for the Flowers. 
Thank you for the Pines. 
Thank you for the Sniffles.

Thank you, Arms and Shoulders. 
Thank you for the Carrying. 
Thank you for the Burdening.
 And thank you for the Hugging.

Thank you, Voice. 
Thank you for Expression. 
Thank you for the Words. 
Thank you for the Song.

Thank you, Emotions. 
Thank you for the Joys. 
Thank you for the Tears and Sorrows.
 Thank you for the Richness.

Thank you, Mind. 
Thank you for the Focus. 
Thank you for the Knowledge.
 Thank you for the Memories.

Thank you, Spirit. 
Thank you for the Connection. 
Thank you for the Wisdom.
 Thank you for the Depth.

Thank you, Self. 
Thank you for the Laughter. 
Thank you for the Play.
 Thank you for You.

Thank you, Life, for the Abundance that is.
 Thank you for the Abundance that is given. Thank you for this Day.
 Thank you for the Light. 
Thank you for the Stars. 
Thank you for the Night. Thank you, Life.

Written by Jenny Lumb This piece was inspired by

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Melting Open to Savor instead of Save the Natural World

I just arrived back in Mexico where I spend my winters. After 9 months of bebopping around from place to place, circle to circle, I have landed for the next 3 months in a place I think of fondly as my winter home. I come her to replenish and remember my truest essence.

I know, from past years, that when I first arrive it takes me a good few days to really land and feel truly here. One of the awarenesses I have is that I feel like an outsider looking in somehow. Though I love and appreciate the beauty of the natural world here, it’s why I come back year after year, I still feel separate from it at first. I’m awoken to the reality that I’m usually walking through life armoured against and away from my immediate environment. I don’t notice it until I come back here. At first I watch the roll of the waves, the blending colors of the sunset, the swooping of the pelicans, instead of merge with these natural wonders and become their enchantedness.

A few days from now I know the boundaries of our separateness will be blurred and I’ll be remembering with my whole being, body, self and soul, our oneness.

I’m passionate that all beings know that one-ness, not just with our mind, but as a visceral experience, a delicious savoring of the present moment’s sensual delights. A melting open that softens our separateness and weaves our web of connectedness. I believe that we need to savor our beautiful natural world in order to see her flourish, instead of seek to save her which is a domineering objectification, a separation that defeats the purpose entirely.

So please start savoring instead of saving! Just as I re-discover the richness of savoring each year anew to replenish my own wholeness, I know we can support the earths wholeness in the same way.

Leela Francis is an Embodiment Expert. She helps women dance their power and rock the world with their passion for life.

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