Circles of Friends and Our Online Circle: Nature, Sense and Soul

I’ve been thinking a LOT about community lately. About the circles we create as women. About what those circles mean to us – to our hearts and our health and our VIVIDNESS. And I’ve been thinking about what happens when we fall out of touch with our circles. How STILL we become. How closed up and overwhelming life can feel. I am so blessed – I dance in circles of women everywhere in my life now — softly, nia dancing, trance dance, you name it. I dance literally, at my events, encouraging them to find their own rhythm and relationships, hand clasped to hand as we move through space together. And I dance spiritually even as I mentor my Nature, Sense, Soul online group to become more attuned to their lives through sensuality.

What I want to encourage ALL of you to do right now is to think about the circles in YOUR life. Who do you clasp hands to? What women are spread with you and around you like the petals of a flower? Can you see them? And it’s OKAY if you can’t see them – we can ALL use more women gathered in circles in our lives. So your challenge RIGHT NOW, today, is to join (and even create) at least one circle. You can start by joining my Nature, Sense and Soul online circle. The women in that circle blow my mind with their nurturing wisdom and what they’re able to create from the exercise and meditations I lead them through. In sisterly spirit and LOVE for all of you guys and the friendships and circles you are creating, I am honored to invite you to bring your best friend for free when you become part of Nature, Sense and Soul. Bring her into our circle with you – now THAT is a holiday gift that will mean something to her and to the circle you create together as you go through the meditations and exercises. I’m also going to give YOU a gift of my VividExistence Toolkit (which you can see at ). The online community starts very soon, and you can join for a one-time fee of $399 USD or if you need payments, you can pay in 6 monthly payments of $80. You can find all of the information on our online community and a few messages from participants at

I don’t want this to feel like a sales pitch to you guys. I just want to offer a very special way to participate in MY circle and join the women I play with throughout the year. I enjoy knowing every one of you. Start YOUR circle today – just reach out to a sister that you love and have lost touch with today and clasp hands in friendship with her, then invite in another friend… pretty soon it’s a circle and you’re supported and held in a beautiful, exciting way. “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~Anais Nin

Love and light and CIRCLES! Leela

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Sensing the Present

The holidays are all around us. Can you smell that crispness in the air, descending with the smell of falling leaves and dropping temperatures? Can you hear the birds calling a bien tot as they leave for warmer places? Do you see the sun, further in the moon, further in her sky than she was only a few months ago. Time is moving forward, as it always does, and it cradles us as we sense our way through our lives – or not.

Taking the time to SENSE what goes on around us is a discipline that brings texture to an otherwise flat canvas. It paints colors in our vision, it invites a symphony to our tastebuds, it plays laughter in our ears, and it sensually dances along the curve of our back and the inside of our arms. Sensing life ignites a new love affair with EVERYTHING. We naturally stop rushing through our days and become aware of the beautiful gift of humanity and nature.

This holiday season, take the time to LOVE the crowds, to enjoy every cent you spend and gift you buy, to leave worry on the side of the road somewhere and to Sense the love of Mother Earth cradling you and Father Time gently guiding you forward. This is a new season and a new year approaches. Fill them both with a sense of self that is unlike anything you’ve ever explored before. Choose time with those you love and gently leave obligation as a thing of your past. Choose to move beautifully, sensually through everything – the wonderful and the difficult. Be PRESENT.

With Love, Leela Francis
CEO of Vividly Woman and VividExistence

About Leela: Leela Francis offers courses, events and products that support a vivid way of being in the world. She is a sought-after keynote speaker for women’s seminars and gatherings, an instructor in Nia, Yoga, Vividance, & Trance Dance; she is the founder of Vividly Woman and VividExistence and the creator of the Flirting with Nature Process ©

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