The Definition of Dance

What exactly is dance, besides the obvious movement of the body, often in harmony with the rhythms and melodies of music.
Besides all that, dance is the art of loving presence with oneself set in motion. At least that’s what dance is for me and what I sincerely hope it is for anyone who has a body and understands the healing powers of moving and grooving it in sensual and creative ways.
The depth of intimacy with myself, a deep reaching and touching inwards is indeed how the healing of dance has so captivated me. There is, in my opinion, nothing so sublime as meeting the soft animal of my being face to face, skin to skin, flesh to undulating flesh. The quintessential truth that is accessed and savored in those moments is beyond any joy and pleasure that I have known. For it goes well beyond physical or emotional fulfillment and affirms a blessed union with spirit that once tasted is impossible to forget.

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