Give YOURSELF a Gift this Holiday

December is here! With it comes wondrous times with friends, holiday decorations, gifts… It’s easy to be literally swept away and to be so BUSY that we’re taken out of ourselves, transported from one hectic occasion to the next.

This is where the second stage of a Vivid Existence comes into our lives like an angel and gives us a strong foundation. This is where we practice GROUND. And yes, it is definitely a PRACTICE. In fact, it is a devotion. As you are RIGHT NOW, take a moment to stop, to breathe deeply, to stand and hold your arms out from your body and to squat down and feel the ground under your feet.

You ARE RIGHT NOW. You are not in your worries or your plans or the endless stream of thoughts in your head. You are in this moment. If you find yourself distracted by the chaos of others or your own endless, beautiful mind, you can do this simple exercise of stop, breathe, center and GROUND yourself to the moment you are in. Center your thoughts on the Earth.

Ultimately, we ARE the ground. We are part of everything around us. If you do not have a daily practice centered on grounding, consider learning a deeper, grounding devotion with VividExistence Body and Breath Meditation CD ( ). I have poured my teaching into this CD to support you through all of the five stages of your VividExistence: Sense, Ground, Mobilize, Harness and Express.

This week, take the time to GROUND and to be fully present for YOUR life. Use your senses to support your new experience with grounding and living in the moment. And enjoy seeing the effect that you can have on the people around you, as they spin and toil and SEE your calming, grounded experience, you will be given opportunities to help THEM ground as well.

Love Leela!

PS: Give YOURSELF a gift!
The VividExistence Body & Breath Meditation CD: Journey through the 5 stages of VividExistence™ with guided meditations, breathing exercises and affirmations

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