More Sensual Pleasure

I just spoke to Fitness Trainer, Thomas Tadlock’s audience about 3 tips for more sensual pleasure. You can listen to the recording here http://tinyurl.com/Vividly-Woman-3sensual-tips or just have a gander at the list below for 3 powerful ways to get you more sensually connected to your body.

All of it is founded on one important principle; Inhabit your body instead of using your body. If that seems confusing to you, the 3 tips below will help you distinguish between inhabiting and using.

1. Spend more time caring about how your body feels (inhabiting) instead of how it looks (using).

2. Repattern your feeling/thinking/sensing processing. Instead of going from your feelings to your thoughts (using), go from your feelings to your body sensations (inhabiting). This will help dissolve unpleasant feelings and sensations, and it will help amplify pleasant feelings and sensations.

3. Develop a daily ritual of moisturizing your skin with a deliciously scented lotion. Instead of just rubbing in the lotion (using), spend time massaging your body, discovering more of what your body loves (inhabiting).

Start noticing how you typically relate to YOUR body. Do you more often lovingly inhabit your body, or do you usually mechanically use your body?

Leela Francis is an embodiment expert. She helps women dance their power and rock the world with their passion for life.

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