Letter to My Mirror Reflection


Dear Mirror Reflection,

Thank you for being you. You are you and I am me. Though we are certainly related, I am not you, and you are not me.

You are a 1 dimensional mirror image of me. I am a multidimensional living, breathing, feeling, sensing sacred temple of womanhood and Goddess essence. I’m happy that you can capture some of me and show me that in color, shape and shadow, but you will never be able to capture the truth of my soul. So while I may enjoy your contribution to my life, you are not an accurate depiction of me. I will not resource you for answers that I can only get from inside of myself. Even when I look to you to see how I look on the outside, I realize that your version of the truth is limited because you don’t have the capability to see inside of me.

Mirror Reflection, I realize that I often place a lot of responsibility on your shoulders when I ask you to tell me how I look, how to dress, or when I critique my body and my looks each time I look at you. Often you don’t get the best of me at all because when I look at you I belittle or judge myself. Here’s the thing: When I’m feeling poorly about myself, feeling like I’m not good enough, not loveable, not successful enough, etc, I often try to make up for what I lack on the inside by how I can make myself look on the outside. Then when, I check in with you to affirm that I look okay on the outside and I find myself lacking in that department too, it just makes everything worse. Those are the times that I just want to crawl in a hole and I feel so ashamed of myself. I would die if anyone knew how yucky I am feeling. In many ways you are my greatest confidant.

Dear mirror, I hate to say it, but you are actually very shallow. You are not a mirror of my soul essence, yet when I look at you I sometimes forget that. Also, for some reason, when I look at you I’m not able to see myself accurately. What I see is skewed by how I feel. I feel fat, I look fat. I feel ugly, I look ugly. But when I’m feeling great, well then you are my best friend because you mirror that back to me beautifully.

My request to you mirror reflection is this: when I look at you, remind me that you are only a reflection of the real me and as such I should remember not to take you so much to heart. It’s okay to look, but for every peek at myself in you I take, remind me to also look inside me for the real me. For every peek at myself in you I take, remind me that what others see of me is actually deeper than what is on the surface that you are able to show me. And for every peek I take remind me that what I contribute to this world goes way beyond what  I am able to make myself look like in the space between the frame that holds you up on the wall.

And one more thing, Mirror reflection: My calling as a women’s spiritual coach brings me into contact with so many women who are claiming their authentic power and Goddess essence from the inside out. You may be able to show us part of what we look like, but it is not anywhere close to the whole beings that we are. You will never be able to do this for us. The real women that we are can only be accessed from the inside.

Thanks for being you. I am not you and you are most certainly not me!

With love,


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Satiate SLS for the Sake Of Your Business and Financial Health

My coming out of the closet as a recovering self hater has given so many other women permission to admit to being one too. Even just taking that first step is so important, and I applaud you for being here on this page because it takes a lot of courage to be seen as one who doesn’t like herself. Well dear sister, you are so not alone!

Starving from lack of self love is not pretty. It’s also simply not okay and that’s why Vividly Woman is passionately devoted to inspiring greater self love for women. We are so ready for this; we are, our loved ones are, and our world is. Everyone will benefit from YOU being in greater love with YOU!

Diane Anderson MA, RCC, Psychotherapist, entrepreneur & Vividly Woman Co-Facilitator.

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