Doing Business the Goddess Way

Little did I know, when I embarked on this journey of the Doing Business the Goddess Way Tele-Seminar series, that I had a lot to learn about what it really means to do business the Goddess Way. Well sure enough, the universe keeps finding ways to teach me what that really means.

I have never claimed to be an expert on business, not by any means, which is precisely why I was motivated to produce this tele-seminar series, so that I could learn the nuts and bolts of what it takes to run a thriving business using principles of the divine feminine. Indeed, I have been learning much from all the amazing guests featured in the program.

But perhaps equally as important, is that the process of managing an event such as this, with several women, 9 to be exact, is demanding that I communicate and engage in relationships that accommodate the needs and practices of many individuals. So not only did I affirm that business is not my expertise, but I also discovered that resourcing the Goddess under circumstances that test my patience, challenge my values and require last minute emergency measures, is also quite the education.

Indeed, I am getting an education in doing business the Goddess Way, and loving it!

Until next time, have fun doing your business the Goddess Way!
Blessings and sisterhood,

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