Why Do We Resist What is So Good For Us?

Many sisters have signed up for the Dance Your Power for Darfur Daily Dance-A- Thon, yet In spite of our best intentions to dance for 15 minutes a day, 15 measly minutes per day, even the most devoted of us are challenged to live up to this meager commitment.

Well, it is precisely because we are challenged that we must do it. If it were easy, there probably would not be women in parts of the world who are denied the basic right and freedom of dancing. If it were easy, we ourselves would likely not be suffering from burn out and chronic disease and lack of self care the way so many of us are.

If it were easy to prioritize our self care and healing self expression, the world would be a profoundly different place.

So, these are the things to understand and accept:

1. It is not easy, and that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.
2. Community and sisterhood help.
3. Reaching out and sharing the challenge can inspire us beyond the resistance.
4. Most of us do not have self-care wired within us. It needs to be learned and practiced in order to get the hang of it.
5. Dancing together, even if only in spirit, is easier than dancing alone.
6. Remembering that you dance for your sisters when you dance helps alot

Please keep this list handy. When the impulse occurs to you not to dance, remember how blessed we are to live in a world where we can, and then find the dance that most wants to flow from within you in that moment. And remember that there is dance even in stillness!

Dancing Vividly,

Leela Francis is an Embodiment Expert. She helps women dance their power and rock the world with their passion for life.

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