Do you feel a calling to help women lead more powerful, authentic and fulfilling lives?

Do you want to help strengthen the interpersonal relationships between women, while helping them integrate the masculine and the feminine within themselves?

Then you’re ready…to become a Vividly Woman Coach.

Today, women are being invited to step into our power more than ever before. But this brings up some major challenges. Can we trust each other? How can we work on an equal footing with men without being like men? How can we gain strength from our femininity, instead of running away from it?

Vividly Woman Coach training is the only coaching training system designed specifically for women coaches who deal with women clients. Our body-centered approach combines the tools and practices that encourage and empower a woman’s whole person – leading to sensual, emotional & intuitive thriving, vibrant health and genuine life and work fulfillment.

As a Vividly Woman Coach, you’ll be trained to help today’s woman succeed on her terms, providing the guidance, sisterhood and devotion we all need to get the most out of this amazing time in our lives.

How it works

The process of becoming a certified Vividly Woman Coach begins with you. You will open yourself to your own sensual, spiritual and creative awakening, cultivating your authenticity, vulnerability, and integrity. Because, by discovering and tapping into your truest essence as a woman, you then enable yourself to guide others on their journey. When you reclaim the essence and potency of your own womanhood, your feminine power infuses every area of your life. Coaching others becomes a natural extension of who and how you are in the world.

You’ll also be provided with the skills and tools to coach your clients in both individual and group scenarios, using three different coaching processes. Each is different; however, each empowers women with the guidance, support and confidence to be their own wisest teacher and healer. And the best part is that the training schedule is designed around your schedule. We train you one on one so if you need to change the day or time, we can work with you on that to accommodate your amazing life!

Three Coaching processes/styles you’ll be trained in:

1. VividExistence Goal Oriented coaching

For clients who are most interested in bringing a specific goal to fruition – this is our most linear and traditional method of coaching. It’s a more masculine approach, but is still geared specifically toward the unique needs — and gifts — of women.

2. Textures Sculptural Coaching

For clients who are seeking consciousness-raising guidance, struggling to resolve a life issue or seeking personal or professional fulfillment, this coaching process utilizes our transformational signature system, the Vividly Woman Solar System. It applies the artful wisdom of the Textures, Power Centers and Lenses – a more feminine take on the coaching process.

3. Goal/Sculpture Coaching

For clients seeking expansive and sustainable growth, this methodology seamlessly combines the goal-directed approach of the first process with the more creative, exploratory nature of the second process. Goal/Sculpture coaching is a holistic system designed to spur deep transformation that touches every area of your client’s life – and makes it deeper, more fulfilling and more beautiful.

Training Includes:

• 5 Months of Tele-Training – four 90-minute calls per month.
• 5 months of email mentoring
• 1 hour long private coaching sessions with your coach trainer
• Manual & recordings
• Marketing templates
• First-year certification dues
• First-year continuing education

Fees: Early Bird Tuition $4950usd

1 payment $4950



Payment plan available. Please inquire

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information to determine if this training is right for you.

Listen to Leela and Kara’s recent info call and Q & A

about the Vividly Woman Coach Training Program HERE


Take the first step in empowering yourself and your sisters to make the most of this amazing time in our lives. Become a Vividly Woman Coach!