Vividly Woman Coaching is designed specifically for the unique and varied needs of women ready to awaken to their brilliance and beauty, body, self and soul. Our body-centered approach combines the tools and practices that encourage and empower women’s whole person sensual, emotional & intuitive thriving, vibrant health and genuine life and work fulfillment.

The transformational Vividly Woman signature system, the Vividly Woman Solar System, is artfully applied to private and group coaching to give women the guidance, support and confidence to be their own wisest teacher and healer.

Vividly Woman coaching blends the best tools from both linear and lateral/masculine & feminine/right and left brain practices so that our clients learn to bridge the gap between these 2 inner polarities. Using the most vital aspects of both rich resources from within herself, each woman is guided to master the habits to optimize her energy, her efforts and honor her wholeness.

Women who have long sacrificed their feminine essence to thrive in a man’s world will enjoy a profound journey back to the blessedness of their Goddess aliveness. Women who are well acquainted with their feminine essence and are searching for an effective way to harness and express that power in the world will gain valuable tools for embracing and appropriately applying their more masculine side and enjoy dancing with both these aspects of themselves.

All women have so much to gain from the tools and expertise that Vividly Woman coaches are trained to offer with a loving, accepting and authentic sisterhood that is a distinct dimension to all things Vividly Woman.

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