Our world is changing. Women are becoming more powerful and present in more areas of society than ever before. But success in a still-male-dominated world can often mean losing that connection to our essential female selves.

Many of us feel an inner nudging to grow and change and contribute to the shifting times on our planet. We’re hungry for a greater connection to our genuine truth, sensing a calling to our next level of feminine aliveness. And we want to be a part of a community devoted to the awakening of women around us.

That’s what Vividly Woman is all about.

Vividly Woman is a global community of women and women’s circles devoted to the sensual, emotional and intuitive empowerment of all women. Our live events and trainings guide women to value and develop their instincts, claim their inner wise woman (at any age) and ignite their creative spark. The result is a woman who fully embraces herself as Goddess and is able to enjoy a truly successful and fulfilling life, both personally & professionally.

The key is our signature embodiment system, the Vividly Woman Solar System™. This includes a wide range of live and virtual event experiences & tools specifically designed to encourage women to thrive. Our modalities include dance, eco therapy, sacred circle and experiential ritual, each providing a safe place and sacred container for women to “come home,” and claim their deep, rich, authentic and whole life tapestry; body, self and soul. Used alone or in combination, Vividly Woman events and tools for psycho-spiritual emergence facilitate a transformational path of embodied awakening.

Vividly Woman also offers professional training, preparing women for careers as a certified VW Embodiment Coach or a VW Embodied Leader. Our training is also ideal for Yoga teachers, dance facilitators, therapists, coaches, health professionals or anyone interested in infusing their particular practice and services with psycho-spiritual integration and a focus on dynamic feminine power.

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