December 2013


End of 2013 Message from Leela


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. As the face and voice of Vividly Woman for the last 8 years, it was big step for me to take a break. Fortunately, my need for a break coincided with other Sisters in our community being ready to take on more visibility and responsibility. I love how the universe delivers!  I have huge gratitude for the VW Babes, a circle of 4 VW Sisters who have danced into leadership in our community and are continuing to grow our Sisterhood.

It was truly time for me to take some space. What most awoke me to this need was that I had come to resource most of my self worth from Vividly Woman. I was basing my value, and the meaning in my life, largely on the successes or failures of VW. Not only is this diametrically opposed to our teachings, it came to feel dissatisfying to my heart, uncomfortable in my body and dampening to my spirit. As much as I’ve loved pouring my whole self into VW, and my relationships with you and those closest to me in our community have nourished me deeply, my soul was ready for a change.

I never realized how obsessed I could be, and perhaps it was that obsessive tendency that helped VW to thrive so I have no regrets. I feel blessed that I’ve learned to pay attention to my inner truth, and when the time came to take space, I heeded the inner nudges.

So over the last 8 months I’ve travelled for pleasure, I’ve studied, I’ve become more domestic, I’ve cleansed, I’ve read, I completed my book, I published and launched it, I’ve settled into a new home, I’ve spent more time with my husband in the past 8 months than I had in the past 8 years. In a lot of ways it feels like I lifted my head out of the sand, like an ostrich, and I’ve looked around at the world that I had been ignoring in order to attend to my obsession. Wow, there is a big world out there!

It’s probably not a coincidence that all of this is taking place as I near the juicy age of 50. As I take inventory, I see that I devoted my first 50 years to consciousness raising.  As I approach the big 50 in 2014, I’m paying attention to what my soul most desires now. I now feel called to devote the next 50 years to Love, which, of course includes consciousness.

As I turn my attention away from global causes to inspire my activism, and more toward the light birthing from within me and a yearning to become an ever more radiant expression of that light, I find that the self love that I sought to cultivate and inspire in others is a natural by-product.

I’m honestly not sure what the coming year holds, but I know it will bring creative opportunities, surprises and many rich experiences to learn and grow from. I wish the very same for you and look forward to continuing to learn, grow and dance together. As Vividly Woman Sisters, proud members of this vibrant community of amazing women, let’s spread our wings together and fly even higher!

In love, light and Sisterhood,


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